Echocardiography Imaging Program

When it comes to heart conditions in infants and children, we prefer to see what's going on inside the body without resorting to invasive techniques. That’s why the doctors at our Pediatric Echocardiography Imaging Program use echocardiograms (noninvasive tests in which sound waves create moving pictures of the heart) to ensure accurate diagnoses and devise treatment plans for a wide variety of pediatric heart conditions.

Every year, our pediatric cardiologists perform thousands of these tests, which are also called cardiac ultrasounds, cardiac Dopplers or "echoes." During the test, we place a small probe on your child's chest that generates high-frequency sound waves. Too high for humans to hear, the sound waves bounce off the heart and return to the probe, allowing us to generate moving images of the heart's blood flow and functional activity. Our goal is to conduct the test with as little stress and discomfort for your child as possible, so that we can make a plan and get your child well as quickly as possible.

If you're pregnant and looking for fetal cardiac imaging, you can find this service at our Fetal Cardiovascular Program, where doctors evaluate heart function in unborn babies from 12 weeks along to full term.


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